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G-Technology G-SPEED Shuttle with Thunderbolt 3 and ev Series Bay Adapters

G-Technology G-SPEED Shuttles are now available with Thunderbolt 3 and ev Series Bay Adapters.The new solutions are designed to meet the demands of professional content creators who need lightning-fast transfer speed and high-capacity storage solution that can easily be moved from the studio to wherever your project takes you, and back. photographyblog.com

2018-1-18 15:10

This video series teaches you all the Photoshop basics for free

Popular YouTube channel TastyTuts, which specializes in graphic design and digital art tutorials, has published a free course titled 'The Complete Beginner's Guide to Adobe Photoshop. ' As the name suggests, this course teaches beginners all of the basics on using Photoshop, starting with the software's interface and progressing to cover topics like rasterizing, managing layers, masking, transforming and more. dpreview.com

2017-7-26 17:58