iOS 14 Will Finally Let You Add Captions to Photos

iOS 14 Will Finally Let You Add Captions to Photos

If you shoot a lot of photos on an iPhone, you may be happy to know that captions are finally coming to your phone in iOS 14. MacRumors published screenshots of the upcoming caption, which iPhone users have long requested.

There’s a new “Add a Caption” field found under individual photos after you swipe up. […].

ios will finally let add captions photos

2020-6-29 17:14

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You will soon be able to import into Lightroom on iOS directly from external storage

Adobe has given the public a new sneak peek at a future update for Lightroom on iOS that will simplify the process of importing images into the app. As demonstrated in the above video, Adobe will enable users to directly import images from card readers into Lightroom on iOS, after which point the content is uploaded to the cloud and added to the app's photo library. »

2019-11-13 21:12

The Photographer's Emphemeris will launch a 3D app for iOS on June 27

The Photographer's Ephemeris, a tool that helps photographer's plan landscape photos by providing lighting information about locations, will soon receive a new 3D upgrade. Over the weekend, the company announced plans to launch a new product called the Photographer's Ephemeris 3D for iOS, a 'visualize tool' that allows users to view the effects of sunlight on a landscape anywhere in the world using 3D topographical models. »

2017-06-21 21:52


What iOS 11 Means for Photographers

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) has been hogging the technology headlines this week with talk of all an new iMac computer, enhanced audio products and, wait for it, a $29 case for the Apple Pencil! But there was also plenty of pointers to interest photographers ahead of the iOS 11 operating system being launched in Autumn. »

2017-06-09 03:00