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Nikon Z6 Review

88%Overall scoreJump to conclusion The Nikon Z6 is one of two full-frame mirrorless cameras introduced by Nikon in August of 2018. It's very similar to its big brother, the Z7, with the main differences being the sensor (24MP vs 46MP) and the decrease in resolution that comes along with it. dpreview.com

2019-1-15 17:58

Could The New Fujifilm and Panasonic Organic Sensors Replace X Trans?

The world of technology is moving along at a blistering pace which means we get more and more advanced cameras hitting the streets all the time. Fujifilm and Panasonic teamed up a few years ago to create a completely new type of organic sensor so that they could not only make advancements in technology, but so that they could try to steal some market share back from Sony who supply most of the worlds camera sensors. thephoblographer.com

2018-12-13 02:00

The Megapixel Wars Are back And Thats Good News For Photographers

Competition between camera brands is good news for one person. . . you! A few years back, brands were pushing the limits to squeeze every last megapixel of resolution out of their sensors and cameras, but after a while, technology seemed to just hit a ceiling, and brands shifted their focus (pardon the pun) to features such as AF, In Body Image Stabilisation (IBIS) and video specs. digitalrev.com

2018-11-28 03:00

Fujifilm X-T3 Review

When the Fujifilm X-T2 arrived, it was more than just a modest upgrade to the already impressive X-T1, most notably in terms of autofocus and video. While the new X-T3 hasn't changed the overall design of the camera it repeats the same trick: representing a significant step forward. dpreview.com

2018-10-22 16:26