Polaroid is a New Horror Film About a Haunted Instant Camera

Polaroid is a New Horror Film About a Haunted Instant Camera

Love photography? Love horror films? Maybe this one is for you: Polaroid is a new film — the kind you watch, not the kind you load into a camera — coming out this year that combines voodoo, demons, and photography into one terrifying movie.

In the film, a teenager finds an old Polaroid vintage camera. […].

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2017-6-30 20:26

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A History Of The Photo Camera: An Incredibly Short Yet Rewarding Cartoon

If you have approximately one and a half minutes to spare, you could do far worse with your time than watch this delightful speedrun cartoon tour through the history of photographic cameras. Created by Barcelona-based animator/editor Portero Delantero, this extremely short film provides a fluid rundown of every major milestone camera from the Kodak Brownie in 1900, to the iPhone 6 in 2014. digitalrev.com

2016-11-23 03:00

Fujifilm gives us a glimpse of its upcoming Instax Square camera

We've known for a while now that Fujifilm is developing a 1:1 format instant film, which measures 85. 6mm x 72mm and provides a 62 x 62mm image, and an accompanying Instax camera. Unfortunately not much detail is known about the camera but now the Japanese manufacturer has released a teaser video on its Instax Square website that gives us at least a glimpse at some elements of the camera. dpreview.com

2016-10-19 21:32