Reports: Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Mount To Feature 16mm Flange Distance

By now it should be no surprise to you that Nikon is working on a Full Frame mirrorless camera system, this has been common knowledge for some time now. But what did just hit the airwaves was the news that apparently this new full frame mount which the entire Nikon mirrorless system will be based around could be called the Z Mount.

mirrorless frame mount full nikon

2018-1-16 02:00

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Reports Indicate Beefier Sony Full Frame Mirrorless Coming in 2017

There have been reports that Sony plans to release a higher end 'true pro' level mirrorless full frame camera for some time now, going back at least a year and a half or so. The general consensus of these reports centered around the naming of this newer camera being called something along the lines of an A9, to signify the unit being a class above the current crop of A7 series bodies. »

2016-11-19 01:07