Nikon: If We Go Mirrorless, It Must Be Full Frame

Nikon: If We Go Mirrorless, It Must Be Full Frame

All signs have been pointing in the direction, but Nikon has just seemingly confirmed in a new interview that its upcoming mirrorless camera will contain a full frame sensor. The Chinese website Xitek published an interview with Nikon Imaging Product R&D General Manager Tetsuro Goto, who stated that due to current trends, Nikon must go […]

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2017-9-16 20:16

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Nikon Tease Development Of Full Frame Mirrorless Future

Statements by Nikon representatives at Photokina hint at further developments of full frame mirrorless camera technology in its future products. Speaking with several outlets over the course of the event, Nikon’s European Product Group Manager Jordi Brinkman revealed how developments in mirrorless tech had shaped the company’s current outlook. »

2016-09-23 03:00