Sonys FE 135mm f/1.8 GM May Be the Sharpest Lens of Its Kind

Sonys FE 135mm f/1.8 GM May Be the Sharpest Lens of Its Kind

Sony’s new FE 135mm F1. 8 GM lens will hit store shelves next month, but it’s already dropping jaws with its sharpness. According to one new test, it may be the sharpest lens of its kind on the market today.

Roger Cicala over at LensRentals has published early MTF results after testing 10 copies of the […].

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2019-3-13 21:47

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Canon EF-M 32mm F1.4 review

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_6401829743","galleryId":"6401829743","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"selectedImageIndex":0,"isMobile":false}) }); 85%Overall score The EF-M 32mm F1.

2019-02-19 17:00


Irix confirms its lenses are 'fully compatible' with Canon's EOS R camera

Swiss lens manufacturer Irix has announced its lens lineup is completely compatible with Canon EOS R cameras when attached using Canon's EF to EOS R adapter. In an announcement post on its website, Irix says 'it is possible to control the aperture from the camera' and notes that all metadata is transferred properly from the lens to the camera including focusing distance and other exposure details.

2018-12-31 18:47


Fujifilm plans to increase interchangeable lens production capacity as demand grows

Increased mirrorless digital camera demand has prompted Fujifilm to ramp up its interchangeable lens production capacity, the company has announced. New facilities at its existing Taiwa Factory in Miyagi prefecture, Japan will start in September, the ultimate goal being a 70% production capacity increase by 2020, the year when Fujifilm expects all of the new facilities to be fully operational.

2018-07-25 23:57


Nikon Coolpix P1000: what you need to know

Nikon Coolpix P1000: what you need to know Nikon's new Coolpix P1000 boasts an extraordinary zoom range and a suite of powerful stills and video features in a (relatively) compact body. We loved the original P900 for its sharp lens and effective stabilization, but its unimpressive EVF and lack of Raw capture mode made it less fun to use than it could have been.

2018-07-11 16:00

Kamlan 28mm F1.4 APS-C lens unveiled with upcoming Kickstarter campaign

Chinese company Machang Optics is preparing to launch its new Kamlan 28mm F1. 4 MFT lens on Kickstarter, where the company currently has its project listed in draft. The latest Kamlan lens is billed as an inexpensive alternative to pricier lenses while offering the same "premium optical quality" paired with a versatile focal length, super-low chromatic aberration, and a full metallic body.

2018-05-31 21:25


Google Lens will soon be available in several Android camera apps

Google's AI-based image recognition system Google Lens will be making its way into stock camera apps, the company revealed during its I/O 2018 conference this week. The tool which identifies objects, landmarks, and more in the images you capture with your phonewas first revealed last year, later launching for the maker's own Pixel smartphones and then on Android and iOS in general.

2018-05-13 19:01

Meyer Optik is reviving Dr. Rudolph's APO Plasmat 105mm F2.7 lens

Meyer Optik has announced its new APO-Makro-Plasmat 105 F2. 7 lens, a modern version of one of the classic Plasmat lenses developed by Dr. Paul Rudolph 105 years ago. As with previous Meyer Optik revivals, the company is funding its product on Kickstarter, where it explains that the new Plasmat 105 "offers natural sharpness, unbelievable color reproduction, and a glowing bokeh united at every step of the aperture.

2018-04-20 22:55


Have Your Say: Best Gear of 2016

Have Your Say: Best Gear of 2016 For the past few weeks we've been running a series of polls to find out what you - our readers - think of the major product releases of 2016. For the first round of voting we made initial five polls covering lenses, compact cameras and interchangeable lens cameras (ILCs).

2016-12-20 14:30


Throwback Thursday: Olympus C-3040 Zoom

In the year 2000, Olympus updated its enthusiast-friendly digital zoom compact. The C-3040 Zoom bears the adorably 90's 'Camedia' logo, and when it was introduced updated the previous model with some cosmetic improvements, a faster lens and a couple of feature updates like one-touch manual white balance.

2016-11-10 14:00