How NOT to Use a Reflective Umbrella

How NOT to Use a Reflective Umbrella

Photographer Holly Romaya was walking through a local mall in the Detroit metro area recently when she noticed something peculiar about the mall Santa photo area set up for kids portraits. It seems the people responsible for setting up the lighting equipment don’t actually know how it’s supposed to work. “As I was walking through […]

how not use reflective umbrella

2018-11-9 21:40

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How NOT to Photograph an Elk

When photographing wild animals in the great outdoors (especially big ones), it’s important to stay at a safe distance for the good of both you and the animal. But one sightseer in a Canadian national park was recently seen giving a masterclass in how NOT to shoot from a reasonable distance. Sundog Tours guide Kendra […]

2018-12-13 19:53