Photographer Lets Us Travel Back In Time By Combining 20th Century Pictures With Modern Day Surroundings

Zoltan Kerenyi, a photographer from Hungary, recently drew the attention of the internet with his pictures that we can truly call a time capsule. By combining modern days with the feeling of nostalgia, Kerenyi has just opened a “Window to the Past”.

This is how his project is called – “Window to the Past”, or “Ablak a Múltra” in Hungarian. .

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2018-7-12 00:49

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A Closer Look at the Dolly Zoom

The “dolly zoom,” also known as the “Hitchcock zoom” or “Vertigo effect,” is a filmmaking technique that involves changing a zoom lens’ angle of view while moving the camera toward or away from a subject to keep their relative size in the frame the same.

2017-05-30 18:29