Recreating the Look of Vintage War Photos

The horrific conflicts and wars of the past have shaped the world we know today. Each era has been documented by generations of photographers, with specific color tones or grain patterns evoking these periods in our minds.

The culture surrounding military life has always been highly visual and has been captured in photojournalism, fine art, […].

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2018-6-13 18:47

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Hasselblad knocks 30% off price of the H6D-50c

Swedish medium-format manufacturer Hasselblad has dropped the price of its flagship camera by a third in its latest promotion. The 50MP H6D-50c medium format DSLR camera has been reduced from $25995/ Hasselblad has announced the price drop in a newsletter, describing it as a promotion, but in the past such promotions that have appeared to be temporary have actually marked the moment the product price changed permanently.

2017-06-07 20:46


Fujifilm X-Pro2 firmware 2.0 adds focus points, improves PDAF accuracy

Fujifilm has released firmware v 2. 0 for the Fuji X-Pro2, bringing many tweaks, changes and bug fixes to the company's flagship APS-C camera. Among the changes is an increase in the number of focus points to 325, as well as improved phase detection autofocus accuracy via the X-T2s AF algorithm, improved AF tracking in Continuous L burst rate shooting in AF-C mode, the addition of support for the EF-X500 shoe mount flash, new 15/30 second and 1 minute time options for Auto Power Off, and improved optical image stabilization when using the electronic shutter.

2016-10-06 21:37