Why Photographers Aren’t Getting Paid

Photographer Jessica Kobeissi made this 5-minute video that has hit a nerve with many of her 1.3+ million followers on YouTube. She shares thoughts on why it’s difficult for photographers to get paid fairly for work these days, arguing that by undercutting each other and working for little or no money, some photographers are lowering […]

why photographers aren getting paid

2019-5-15 20:29

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Why Photographers Are Switching to a New Photo Editor for PC

There is a lot of editing software out there to choose from, but PhotoWorks is a photo editor for PC that stands out from the crowd. Combining professional capabilities with an incredibly easy-to-master interface, this photo editing software for PC could be the answer for masses of photographers who have been looking to switch to a less complicated system without compromising on quality. thephoblographer.com »

2019-06-17 07:00