Check Out This 4K Interactive 360-Degree View of the Surface of Mars

Last week, NASA’s Mars Rover Perseverence landed safely on the Red Planet. After sending back a few initial images, NASA has followed up with a stunning 360-degree interactive photo that lets you get a full view of the area around the rover.

Perseverance initially sent back two images taken from its object avoidance cameras before […].

check out interactive 360-degree view surface

2021-2-23 00:28

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Check out that lens: Zeiss ZX1 studio scene uploaded

$(document). ready(function() { ImageComparisonWidget({"containerId":"reviewImageComparisonWidget-42173629","widgetId":799,"initialStateId":null}) }) We're continuing to work through our Zeiss ZX1 review, and have just finalized the studio scene images – here they are! While we're less impressed with the camera's JPEG engine, we have to say, in Raw mode, that 35mm F2 lens really shines. »

2020-12-21 18:00