Google Photos получит функции автоматического редактирования на основе алгоритмов ИИ

Google Photos получит функции автоматического редактирования на основе алгоритмов ИИ

На своей конференции разработчиков I/O, Google анонсировала ряд улучшений своего приложения Google Photos, при этом большинство из них используют алгоритмы искусственного интеллекта.

google photos получит функции автоматического редактирования основе алгоритмов

2018-5-11 19:26

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В Google Photos уже тестируют ручной режим боке и выделение цветов

Сервис Google Photos не только позволяет вам собирать в облачном хранилище все свои фотографии и видеоролики, но и часто напоминает, чем вы занимались в тот или иной день несколько лет назад, показывает интересные коллажи, позволяет создавать яркие запоминающиеся ролики. »

2018-09-23 23:57


Google Photos gets AI-powered suggested photo edits and colorization feature

At its I/O developer conference, Google has announced a bunch of improvements to its Photos app and, as you would expect, most of them are powered by artificial intelligence. AI algorithms have helped Google Photos users find and rate images for some time, but now the new Suggested Actions feature uses the power of AI to analyze images and suggest smart edits that would improve the shot, or prompt you to share it with the right people. »

2018-05-09 17:04


If you are in the US you can now create physical photo books through the Google Photos app

At its I/O 2017 conference Google announced a new service that lets Google Photos users create and order physical photo books of their favorite images. Initially, the feature was only available through the Google Photos desktop browser version but now the company has updated the Google Photos apps for iOS and Android to support the photo book service. »

2017-05-29 21:54

Google’s Free PhotoScan App Is Here To Save Your Old Photos

In the age of smartphones and the cloud, the vast majority of photos can be backed up to the cloud pretty easily, but what about your polaroids or old printouts? Of course, traditional scanning and backing up has always been an option, and there are also a variety of services that will scan and digitise your images for a fee (or not, as was recently the case for scanmyphotos. »

2016-11-16 03:00