The Perfect Prime Lenses For Your Party and Event Photography

As we continue our look into party and event photography kits our next stop will be talking about lightweight prime lenses. Now, prime lenses are generally not as popular in a part/event atmosphere due to many photographers in this arena preferring the versatility of zoom lenses to be able to quickly react to the party environment.

We will, of course, be looking at zoom lenses later, but for now, we wanted to hit on prime lenses. .

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2017-7-5 10:00

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5 Wallet Friendly 50mm Prime Lenses That Will Help You Grow as a Photographer

There are so many lens choices available to photographers today it can honestly be quite hard to know where to turn when it comes to lenses. Do you stick with the telephoto and zoom style lenses like the ones that came with your camera, or do you enter the world of prime lenses? We can tell you right up front that if you're serious about your photography, and if you want to improve, prime lenses are the way to go, and the 50mm focal length is the perfect place to start your prime journey. »

2018-12-04 11:00