This Military Truck Will Be Converted Into a Large Format Camera

This Military Truck Will Be Converted Into a Large Format Camera

A photographer will soon convert a historic Russian military truck into a giant camera thanks to a successfully backed Kickstarter campaign. Documentary photographer Kurt Moser will create a truck camera which will be able to function as a glass-plate camera; in addition, to serving as a darkroom for developing 4.

9-foot glass plate photographs.

APO NIKKOR 1780mm / Kurt Moser

The plan came about after Moser acquired a rare bellow camera from 1907, with an APO NIKKOR 1780mm lens - one of only ten in existence. The truck will allow Moser to shoot ultra large images up to 150 cm in size, a format which he hopes will help him capture the entirety of Italy’s beautiful Dolomites mountain range.

"We have thus overcome one of the biggest obstacles to our project. This objective allows us to build an enormous, WALK-IN, mobile CAMERA. We also have the appropriate vehicle ready: a historic URAL truck with six-wheel drive. Together with our partner, Pichler special vehicle constructors, we will convert this historic piece of military equipment into one of the largest MOBILE CAMERAS in the world. . . We wish to immortalise the light of the Dolomites on silver and glass and make it accessible to all the world. "


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