Video: How Amateur Photographers Can Take Better Pictures (Without Buying a New Camera)

Lots of folks consider themselves hobbyists and amateur photographers--and they always wonder how they can take better pictures. Lucky for those folks, The Project Photography came up with a number of great tips that the advanced photographers will do and consider (because of course they have experience) but that others may not.

Otherwise, you may just find something that you have forgotten about. .

video how amateur photographers can take better pictures

2017-6-21 01:00

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This Retro Video Game Inspired Video Explains How a Digital Camera Works For Dummies

Have you ever had a friend who was new to photography and asked you basic questions about how a camera works? Have you wished that there was a simple dumbed-down, easy to digest explanation video to answer those questions? In the latest "How It Works?" series on The Telegraph's site, they published a short minimalist animation video on the science behind how a digital camera works.

2016-12-01 23:02