4 Cheap Manual Focus, Wide Angle Lenses for Land and Cityscapes

The great thing about landscape photography is that it's a genre that can be participated in year round. You can head back to the same locations four times a year and you can capture different shots each time thanks to the changing seasons, you can also adventure and find new places to shoot all the time as well.

The possibilities are endless. Another great thing about landscape photography is that you don't need to break the bank on lenses that will allow you to get amazing shots. These four manual focusing, wide angle lenses that we will be sharing with you are all ridiculously sharp, and because they're manual focus, they're half the price of some similar autofocusing lenses. Join us after the break to see which four we recommend. .

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Wave GoodBye To Your Wide-Angle!

The first thing youre told as a fresh-faced landscape photographer is get yourself a wide-angle lens. And with good reason, too. The broad view that a wide-angle lens gives, and the way it will exaggerated the scale of anything close to you immediately make sense; you can cram big views into your pictures, and make foregrounds pop with texture and detail. digitalrev.com

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Lens Lingo Explained

Pick up a lens and youll most likely see numbers and letters on the side or front of an optic. Sit and chat with a photographer and they may even use terms and words that seem a little unfamiliar and technical. digitalrev.com

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Standard Zoom Lenses You Can Trust In Your Event Photography Kit

So far in our journey to help you fill out the ultimate party and event kits we have discussed cameras and prime lenses that would be great options for any photographer to consider. But as you are probably aware if you are reading this, a single standard zoom lens is a much more common option that event photographers choose due to its versatility. thephoblographer.com

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