Fujifilm plans to bring back NEOPAN 100 Acros black and white film by the end of the year

Fujifilm plans to bring back NEOPAN 100 Acros black and white film by the end of the year

Fujifilm has announced it will re-start black and white film manufacturing this year and will bring out a new version of its former Acros film. The new NEOPAN Acros 100 II will feature finer grain and the company claims it will be the sharpest black and white film on the market.

The film will initially go on sale in Japan, with expansion to other markets depending on demand.

In a press release on the Fujifilm Japan website, President Kenji Sono explains that after the company stopped production of monochrome film last year many of its users asked for production to be started again. Part of the issue for the company, he says, was that some raw materials in the film were hard to source. For the new film alternatives have been found and the production process radically changed to account for them.

Using Super Fine particle technology the company has achieved an extremely fine-grained emulsion that produces what are described as 3-dimensional results. Highlight details are also much improved over the way they were rendered in the previous film.

NEOPAN Acros 100 ll is due to go on sale towards the end of the year and will be available in 135 and 120 formats.

Press Release:


TOKYO, June 10, 2019 FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) announced a new generation of NEOPAN 100 ACROS II, black-and-white film. This 100 ISO film will deliver unsurpassed resolution, fine grain and sharpness, with exceptional detail satisfying a broad range of shooting scenarios and exposures. The 35mm and 120 format film will be introduced in Japan this fall, with other markets to follow, based upon demand.

As the demand for film rapidly decreased over the past decade and raw materials became difficult to obtain, it caused the company to discontinue marketing black and white film. Thanks to consumer feedback, particularly from millennials and GenZs, who have become the new film enthusiasts, the market is changing once again. To meet the needs of this new market, Fujifilm is reviving ACROS II.

NEOPAN 100 ACROS II employs Fujifilm

As a leading company in the imaging field, Fujifilm will never stop meeting the challenges of the diverse needs of customers in a wide range of fields, from analog to digital, and continue to provide improved products and services.


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