3 Nikon Cameras Perfect for Landscape Photographers

If you love heading out into the great outdoors so that you can capture the magnificence of the countryside, and you just happen to like Nikon cameras, this roundup is for you. We have gone through our extensive review section and have picked out three Nikon cameras that would make the perfect companion for any landscape photographer.

Join us after the break to see which Nikon cameras we would take with us on a landscape photoshoot. .

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Nikon Camera Guide: Our Four Favorite Nikon Cameras for Beginners, Hobbyists, and Pros

Nikon cameras are some of the best in the DSLR world. This has been proven time and time again. They are solidly built, offer outstanding image quality, and are easy to use. Couple these things with the fact that Nikon cameras have a massive library of first and third party lenses, and you begin to see why switching allegiances makes sense to some.  thephoblographer.com »

2018-11-09 08:00

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Earliest known Nikon camera fetches over $400,000 in Austrian auction

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_1322935571","galleryId":"1322935571","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"standalone":false,"selectedImageIndex":0,"startInCommentsView":false,"isMobile":false}) }); A Nikon 1 camera sold at auction in Austria this month has become the most expensive Nikon ever, achieving a sale price of €384,000 (approx $406,000) – double the expected maximum estimate. dpreview.com »

2016-11-30 23:35