The Reasons You Need a Backpack as Your Next Camera Bag

Of any standing photo publication, we've done the most reviews of camera bags. If you're typically looking for something, you come to us. So today, we're presenting an infographic on choosing the right camera bag for you.

This one is specifically for backpacks. I used to love messengers bags. And in some cases, I still think they're superior to camera bags. But overwhelming, backpacks are the better choice. If I had a week, I wouldn't have enough time to explain why. But I'm going to try in this blog post. .

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2020-10-10 13:00

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(Under $150) 5 Functional Camera Bags for Photographers on a Budget

Camera bags are one of those items that we need as photographers, but we don't always give them the attention and credit that they deserve. Camera bags are essential as they allow us to carry and protect our gear as we traipse across town or go on a hike, but did you know that you don't have to spend a small fortune to get a great one? The camera bags we have put together in this roundup are not only functional, protective, and stylish, they all cost under $150 as well; in fact, most of them are under $100! Join us after the break to see which affordable camera bags we highly recommend.

2020-01-30 02:00

ONA Partners with Passion Passport for Wanderlust-Inspired Camera Bags

If you've been a fan of camera and travel bag maker ONA, you'll be delighted to know that the New York City-based company has just announced their latest limited edition bags. Made in partnership with the purpose-driven travel community Passion Passport, the ONA x Passion Passport capsule collection features the best-selling Bowery Bag in limited edition colorways.

2018-11-08 23:00

Hawkesmill launches new line of small luxury camera bags

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_2812556367","galleryId":"2812556367","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"standalone":false,"selectedImageIndex":0,"startInCommentsView":false,"isMobile":false}) }); Hawkesmill England, a maker of luxury camera bags and accessories, has launched its new line of smaller bags designed to be used with mirrorless cameras, or smaller DSLRs with an attached lens.

2016-12-05 22:29

Leica and ONA introduce more luxury bags for the red-dot-obsessed

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_7420218348","galleryId":"7420218348","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"standalone":false,"selectedImageIndex":0,"startInCommentsView":false,"isMobile":false}) }); Leica and bag-maker ONA Bags have teamed up again, this time to launch a new premium lineup of exclusive camera bags called the ONA for Leica collection.

2016-10-14 21:03