Photo Catches Photographers Flash Lighting a Portrait

Photo Catches Photographers Flash Lighting a Portrait

Photographer Simon King was at a music event last year when he unintentionally snapped a photo at exactly the same time as the photographer in his shot. His photo managed to catch her flash lighting up the model she was photographing.

King had been roaming about at the “AfroPunk Festival” in London. “It was one […].

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2018-12-6 21:40

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2017 in review: a look back at February

Nikon announced the demise of its DL compacts on the eve of Valentine's Day, because love is pain. We learned a lot of fun facts in February: people don't really like looking at selfies, it's possible to make a camera out of drinking straws, and Google's AI-powered image detail enhancement technology is getting creepy good.

2017-12-21 18:00


Photo story of the week: Fire and Ice

This photograph was taken at 2AM on Disko Bay in Greenland. I had been sailing for several hours between immense icebergs, and the clouds were building in such a way that it was becoming clear that the sunrise was going to be something special.

2017-11-04 17:00


Signed Einstein Tongue Photo Sells for $125,000 at Auction

An iconic photo of Albert Einstein just sold at auction for $125,000. The photo of the famous scientist sticking out his tongue was also signed by Einstein himself. The picture was captured on March 14th, 1951, by United Press International (UPI) photographer Arthur Sasse after Einstein’s 72nd birthday celebration at The Princeton Club. Sasse was […]

2017-07-28 19:43


I Was Asked To Do An Infant Photo Session In The Forest And The Results Are Adorable

I'll admit that I'm always nerves doing infant photo sessions, there are so many things that can go wrong, and infants are 100% unpredictable, so when I was asked to do an infant photo session in the forest, a 1/2 mile hike, I was darn right terrified! To my amazement everything went perfectly, the little guy loved looking up at all of the trees and never once even whimpered, in fact, it was my easiest infant session to date!

2017-01-03 16:49