Video: Shooting a portrait on a 20x24 instant(ish) camera in Vienna

Video: Shooting a portrait on a 20x24 instant(ish) camera in Vienna

Marco Krenn of YouTube channel Analog Things has shared a video showcasing a 20x24 Wisner camera, including the process of capturing and developing a photo with it. The camera, which is located at Supersense in Vienna, Austria, is presented in great detail throughout the ten minute video, with Krenn taking a look at the ground glass and paper holder, as well as the lens, inside the bellows, and the final portrait.

Supersense offers an online tour of its large format instant cameras, including an 8x10 Vienna Vintage Wood camera and the 20x24 camera featured in the video. The company allows visitors to schedule an appointment to have their own 20x24 or 8x10 instant portrait taken, and also sells instant film packs. In addition to its YouTube channel, Analog Things shares images related to analog photography on its Instagram account.


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2018-11-8 22:25

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