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Wim Wenders: Phones Have Made Photography ‘More Dead Than Ever’

Renowned German photographer and filmmaker Wim Wenders thinks that photography “is more dead than ever” and that smartphones are to blame for the art form’s demise. In this 1.5-minute video produced by BBC News, Wenders stops at an exhibition of his Polaroid photos to share some of his thoughts on the current landscape of photography. […] petapixel.com »

2018-8-1 18:51

The Dead Zone is Home to Julien Coquentin’s Childhood Memories

Childhood memories often serve as sources of inspiration for creatives, so it's not surprising to find many compelling works driven by its nostalgic imagery. However, instead of presenting images of gentleness, innocence, and fondness for a time gone by, French photographer Julien Coquentin takes his viewers to what he calls The Dead Zone, which reimagines his childhood haunts. thephoblographer.com »

2017-9-13 10:00

The Sea Of Many Faces: I Photographed The Dead Sea With My Drone

The Dead Sea is a remarkable and unique place in the east of Israel. Over the past year I've made countless trips to the area, driving nearly two hours each way, leaving at the break of dawn, in order to be there for sunrise when the light is beautiful and before it becomes too hot as temperatures can reach 46 degree Celsius (115 Fahrenheit). The Dead Sea is going through rough times to put it mildly. boredpanda.com »

2017-9-5 20:40

Blight Of The CGI Dead Celebs

Peter Cushing's appearance in the recent Star Wars film, Rogue One, has reignited an awkward movie argument. Is replacing dead Hollywood actors with VFX face creations ethical? In the latest episode of Burst Mode, Rick Boost explains that from The Three Stooges to Freddie Mercury, tastelessly using on-screen stand-ins for the dearly departed is nothing new. digitalrev.com »

2017-1-26 03:00