Wouldn’t It Be Cool if Nikon Brought 5 Way Image Stabilization to Their DSLRs?

It has come to light, through some new patents, that Nikon is prepping, or at least working on some tech to bring the 5 axis stabilization that we all love from mirroless cameras over into the Nikon ecosystem.

This is some pretty big news because this sort of tech has really, mostly only been seen in mirroless cameras up to this point. It does, however, need to be noted that this information has come through discovered patents, it has not been officially unveiled by Nikon themselves, so for the time being, there are no clues as to if this tech will actually make it into a Nikon camera. .

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2018-4-25 10:00

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The Nikon P1000 Has a 24-3000mm Equivalent Lens

And you thought the Nikon P900‘s 83x zoom lens was impressive. Nikon has just announced the Nikon COOLPIX P100, the “new undisputed powerhouse of superzooms.” It packs a ridiculous 125x zoom lens that has the 35mm-equivalent focal range of 24-3000mm — the most powerful range available in a compact camera. “The P1000 is the ideal […] petapixel.com »

2018-07-10 17:26

First look video: Nikon D850

The Nikon D850 looks to be an excellent upgrade over its predecessor, the D810. The resolution has jumped from 36. 3MP to 45. 7MP, the burst rate has jumped from 5 to 7 fps (9 fps with the right accessories), and the entire AF system has been yanked directly from the flagship D5. dpreview.com »

2017-08-24 07:11