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Apple Acquires AI Tech That Can See a Photo’s Aethetics

Apple has quietly acquired a new French technology startup, Regaind, which specializes in AI and computer vision for analyzing photos. Apple’s Photos app is already able to search through images using keywords like “dog” or “tree” and pull out the relevant images, but this acquisition may indicate further AI developments for the app. TechCrunch reports, based […] petapixel.com »

2017-9-30 19:58

Минибитва стедикамов Feiyu Tech MG v.2, Zhiyun CRANE и BeHolder DC1. Тест

У нас на руках оказалось одновременно аж три разных стедикама и мы решили воспользоваться этим случаем, чтобы устроить полевые испытания сразу всем устройствам одновременно… © PhotoWebExpo, 2017, http://photowebexpo. photowebexpo.ru »

2017-2-22 10:10