How to Capture Great Portraits in a Tiny Space

How to Capture Great Portraits in a Tiny Space

You don’t need a ton of space to create an impromptu “home studio” and capture some high quality portraits. As photographer Mark Wallace shows you in this informative tutorial, the corner of a tiny hotel room in Paris is plenty if you know what you’re doing. This episode of Adorama TV is all about capturing […]

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2017-2-16 23:22

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How to Capture a Bold Wine Bottle Photo with a Single Speedlight

If you’re interested in product photography, Dustin Dolby‘s channel workphlo is definitely worth a bookmark. Using minimal equipment, he’s able to capture distinct looks like this makeup shot, and in this tutorial he’ll show you how a single speedlight can produce a bold beautiful wine bottle photo that looks 100% pro. As usual, Dolby breaks […] »

2017-05-10 23:20