Shooting portraits with the $12,800 Leica Noctilux-M 75mm F1.25 lens

Photographer and YouTuber Matt Granger recently got a chance to shoot with two unreleased Leica lenses that many a portrait photographer dreams of owning. On a freezing cold day in Brooklyn, he went out with friend and model Stephanie Pham to test out the APO Summicron-SL 90mm F2 ASPH and$12,800 Noctilux-M 75mm F1.

25 ASPH.

You can't even buy the Noctilux yet, but Granger was able to get his hands on one for testing purposes ahead of his trip to Ethiopia, and before he hopped on a plane, he just had to try this lens out in a quick 10-minute portrait shoot by the water in Brooklyn. All of the photos were taken with the Leica SL, and since the Noctilux-M is an M-Mount lens (duh), Matt attached it using Leica's own M to L mount converter.

Matt was kind enough to share a few full-res JPEG samples with us, which you can scroll through in the gallery below.

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In the video, he mentions several times how difficult it can be to grab focus with a lens this fast, but the Leica SL's focus peaking seemed to help him nail the shot more often than not. In fact, he complains that it's harder to nail focus stopped down, because the peaking was far less helpful when more of the frame was in focus.

Check out the full video up top to hear Matt's thoughts and watch him work with this ultra-fast (and ultra expensive. . . ) lens, and then head over to his website to download a few more samples for pixel peeping purposes. Finally, don't forget to let us (and him) know what you think of the images and these two lenses in the comments down below.


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2018-2-13 20:02

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