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From the Pit: An Introduction to Photographing Concerts

In my opinion, shooting live music is one of the most challenging photographic experiences possible. For starters, there is very low light, and it’s constantly changing. I’ve shot in venues that are lit by a single bare lightbulb hanging from the ceiling, and venues that have light shows that move beams of colored light in all directions.

The New Elbaflex is a Nikon F Mount SLR That Takes 35mm Film

It's time to get excited about film all over again; the new Ihagee Elbaflex film SLR is going to be launching next week on Kickstarter. This camera joins a number of other analog film related products that have been in the works for a while now. So what's so special about the Ihagee Elbaflex?

iPhone X is the world's best smartphone for photos, second best overall on DxOMark

The past few months have been a ratings-palooza for DxOMark Mobile, as flagship after flagship has come out raised the bar on smartphone sensor quality. From the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and its 100 photo score, to the iPhone 8 Plus' week-long stint at the top of the charts, to the Google Pixel 2's highest ever score of 98, we've had plenty to keep an eye on.

Sony A6700 specs speculation by That1CameraGuy

The A6700 with “selfie screen” as designed by Narek on SonyAlphaForum 2018 will be surely an even more exciting camera year than 2017. And It’s easy to guess that Sony will release a new A6700 as a sort of “mini-A9” camera.

Your Hasselblad V Camera Can Shoot Fujifilm Instax Square With This Back

Hot on the heels of the Rezivot Instant Film Back Kickstarter is this brand new one: it's called the Hasselblad Square Instant Film Back. It does pretty much exactly what it says it does. The back, which is looking for funding on Kickstarter, is a plastic, 3D printed back that takes Fujifilm Instax Square film and attaches to your Hasselblad V medium format camera.

Ken Hermann Tells the Story of Magic Amidst Modernity in Inner Mongolia

In a time when cities have grown ten-fold and life gets more and more fast-paced, some places still maintain a deep connection with their age-old practices and traditions. Copenhagen-based Ken Hermann gives us a colorful and fascinating view into this mix of mysticism and modernity with a portrait project set in Inner Mongolia called Shaman.

Rotolight Anova Pro 2 features improved output and 'unrivaled battery'

Lighting manufacturer Rotolight has introduced a mark 2 version of its Anova Pro circular LED stills and video light. The Anova Pro 2 is the same size as the previous model, but according to the company, the new model features a 70% uplift in brightness, "unrivaled battery performance", and up to 10,700 lux at 3 feet instead of 6,280 in continuous mode.

Affinity Photo 1.6 released

You can now buy the new Affinity Photo 1. 6 (Click here). This is a nice Photoshop alternative. The new features are described within the following video: And don’t forget you have one more week to preorder the Luminar 2018 software (purchase here).

Editing Sony a7r III RAW Files: Dynamic Range and Color Depth

The Sony a7r III is the company's latest offering when it comes to the high end, pro-oriented market. The same sensor from the Sony a7r II is at the heart of this camera but the processing has been upgraded to give it 15 stops of dynamic range at the lower ISO settings.

Preorder open: The new Luminar 2018 takes on Adobe Lightroom

The preorders for the new Luminar 2018 (for Mac and Windows) are now open at Macphun.com. This is the first serious Adobe Lightroom alternative too as it includes a new DAM module. Full info here: Short press text: About Luminar: Luminar 2018 offers everything a modern photographer needs for photo editing, including new filters powered […] The post Preorder open: The new Luminar 2018 takes on Adobe Lightroom appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

Обзор Samyang 35mm f/1,4 AF

Обзор нового объектива Samyang от Ханны Саба – австралийского фотографа из компании HR Images. Очередной автофокусный объектив и очередной успех: 35mm f1. 4 AF для беззеркальных камер Sony с байонетом E пополнил линейку автофокусной оптики Samyang, в которой уже есть объективы 35 mm f2.

Photons to Photos test: Sony A7rIII Dynamic Range increased by max 0,4 stops over the A7rII

Photons by Photos measured the Sony A7rIII Dynamic Range and the conclusion is: 1) At low ISO up to ISO 400 the new Sony A7rII has the edge over the A7rII. From ISO 800 there is virtually no difference between the two 2) The max measured difference is 0,4 stops We are far off Sony’s […] The post Photons to Photos test: Sony A7rIII Dynamic Range increased by max 0,4 stops over the A7rII appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

First A7rIII and 24-105mm lens shipped to Chinese buyers

The very first A7rIII has been shipped today to Chinese buyers (Source Xitek). Some time ago Sony stated that China was the number one Full Frame market in terms of volume. I guess that’s why the camera is shipping earlier than in USA and EU.

Смарт-очки Olympus с 2,4-мегапиксельной камерой

Olympus представила новую камеру, которая сильно отличается от остальной продукции компании. Миниатюрная 2,4-мегапиксельная камера располагается в умных очках Olympus EyeTrek Insight EI-10. Новый аксессуар предназначен для бизнес-приложений.

Что мы знаем о Nikon D650

Похоже, что Nikon D650 будет представлен уже скоро. Один из самых больших магазинов в Праге прекращает продажи камеры Nikon D610. Nikon D610 был объявлен 8 октября 2013 года. Камере уже около 4 лет.

Quick Tips For Getting the Most Out Of Your 35mm Lens For Portraits

The 35mm focal length has long been an incredibly popular focal length choice for photographers of all genres and niches, but particularly of portrait photographers. This has especially been the case in the last several year's thanks to the introduction of great third-party options from companies like Sigma and Tamron which manage to control distortion, fringing, and other optical issues to produce images that are sharp and offer solid contrast.

Cheap Photo: $50 Off The Art Of Travel Photography Video Course

Are you interested in learning more about being a travel photographer? There is much more to it, if you want to do it right, than you may think before looking into it. This isn't just about packing your camera when you go on vacation, this is about how to shoot images that people will want to see, covering everything from packing your bag to processing your images.

Издание книги Леонида Лазарева «Кривые рога Индиана»

На сайте краудфандинговой платформы Планета. ру объявлен сбор средств на издание книги «Кривые рога Индиана» известного московского фотографа Леонида Лазарева. Для осуществления проекту требуются 600 тысяч рублей.

Canon Launches New 4K UHD Portable Zoom Broadcast Lenses

The New Broadcast Lenses Feature 45x Zoom, The Highest Zoom Ratio in Their Class MELVILLE, N. Y. , November 1, 2017 – Canon U. S. A. , Inc. , a leader in digital imaging solutions, announced today two new portable 4K UHD broadcast lenses for use with broadcast cameras featuring 2/3-inch sensors: the Canon CJ45ex9.

How To Get 11,000 Premium Lightroom Presets For Just $29

As we have mentioned previously, we are starting to get into that time of year where the deals are going to start coming in hot and heavy. This post is about several of those deals, but specifically, as the headline suggests, one deal, in particular, can get you 11,000 Lightroom Presets and all you need to spend is $29 – that is a pretty hard deal to beat.

Outex launches clear, universal underwater camera housing

Outex has launched a clear version of its rubber underwater camera 'housing' via Kickstarter, where it is seeking $35k in funding to bring the product to market and help even more people get into underwater photography without breaking the bank.

Возрождение системы Leica CL

Согласно последним слухам, Leica собирается анонсировать новую систему беззеркальных камер Leica CL. Анонс состоится 22 ноября 2017 года. Leica CL будет иметь встроенный электронный видоискатель. Оригинальные Leica CL продавались с 1973 по 1976 год.

New Luminar 2018 Takes on Adobe Lightroom

Macphun (Skylum) today announced Luminar 2018. This edition offers everything a modern photographer needs for photo editing, including new filters powered by artificial intelligence, major speed improvements, a dedicated RAW develop module and a forthcoming in 2018 digital asset management platform.

Review: Rokinon 85mm f1.2 SP (Canon EF Mount)

Relatively speaking, I'm sort of over the idea of super fast aperture lenses simply because most folks won't be able to tell the difference with the photos--and that's the case with the Rokinon 85mm f1.

Анонс Panasonic G9 – Первая профессиональная ФОТОКАМЕРА производителя

Компания Panasonic представила новую камеру –  Lumix G9. Если представленную в начале года Panasonic GH5 называют ультимативной камерой для съемки видео, то новинку позиционируют как ультимативную камеру для съемки фото.

[Обновлено] Всё ясно. Кто такая Panasonic G9

В сети появилась информация о том, что камера Panasonic G9 зарегистрирована в агентстве сертификации беспроводных сетей. Это значит, что до анонса осталось не так много времени. На данный момент уже есть изображение макета камеры со стороны экрана.

Jeff Remas: More than eight hundred A7rIII preorders in less than 2 hours at BHphoto

In this video Jeff Remas reveals the amount of A7rIII preorders at BH. I have no way to compare these numbers with other cameras. And Kevin Raber from Luminous Landscape shared his first impression thoughts and also said this: Based on information shared with us at Sony’s private event, it seems that the company has […] The post Jeff Remas: More than eight hundred A7rIII preorders in less than 2 hours at BHphoto appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

Безмятежная нагота. Фотограф Стефан Раппо

Стефан Раппо фотографирует эмоции. Он создаёт изысканные и подчёркнуто сдержанные изображения, лишённые излишних украшательств и сложных постановок. Фотограф старается сделать кадры естественными и содержательными, как маленькие рассказы.

Компания Manfrotto представила новую серию уникальных клеток для фотокамер Camera Cages

Компания Manfrotto представила новую серию уникальных клеток для фотокамер Manfrotto Camera Cages, которые созданы в сотрудничестве с Wooden Camera, дочерней компанией Vitec Group. Эти клетки предназначены для видеооператоров, снимающих на беззеркальные и зеркальные фотокамеры, и совместимы с широким кругом моделей.

The Value of a Photographer

So, you want to be a photographer? And why not, it seems to be a valued and respected profession. Or is it?… Everywhere we look there is the product of a photographer’s work, from newspapers and magazines to online media, to huge advertising hoardings; an unmissable and vital part of the world today. And while […]

Sony Imaging Edge has been released!

Sony released the new Imaging Edge software. Those are the features of the new software: Viewer: Browsing and searching images Filtering images by ratings Edit: Adjusting the brightness and color of images Applying Creative Styles to images Cropping images Straightening crooked images Converting adjusted images into the JPEG or TIFF formats Remote: Shooting images according […] The post Sony Imaging Edge has been released! appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

Review: Moment Lenses 2.0 (Apple iPhone)

Moment has quite a cult following; the company has created a number of stellar lenses for mobile phones that have inspired generations of new photographers. The Moment Lenses are pieces of high quality glass that attach onto a special case or plate on your phone to change the perspective.

Анонс Panasonic Leica DG Elmarit 200mm F2.8 Power OIS – Светосильный телеобъектив со стабом

Компания Panasonic, вместе с анонсом камеры направленной на съемку фотографий – Panasonic G9, представила еще и новый объектив – Leica DG Elmarit 200mm F2. 8 Power OIS. Это телеобъектив с фиксированным фокусным расстоянием, которое в переводе на полный кадр составляет 400 мм.

Panasonic Lumix G9 sample gallery

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_0107841691","galleryId":"0107841691","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"standalone":false,"selectedImageIndex":0,"startInCommentsView":false,"isMobile":false}) }); Panasonic pleasantly surprised us last week when they dropped off a near-final version of their new Lumix DC-G9 flagship stills camera.

Reflex – первая плёночная камера за 25 лет

Reflex – это новая плёночная камера, которая использует плёнку формата 35мм. Производитель собирает средства на запуск производства через Kickstarter. Reflex заслуживает внимания хотя бы потому что это первая плёночная камера такого типа, которая была разработана за последние 25 лет.

The Reflex Film SLR is Here with an Interchangeable Mount System!

It's time to get very, very excited in the world of film photography. For the first time in many years, we're getting a brand new film SLR camera. Reflex has teased their appearance for a while now and today on Kickstarter we're getting a brand new camera with an M42 mount and a whole lot more.

TheCameraStoreTV tests the Sony DSC-R1 from 2005

Back in 2005, right before Sony started the Alpha series of interchangeable lens cameras, they released a weird bridge camera with an outstanding lens and enormous APS-C sensor. Is this camera the great grandparent of modern mirrorless cameras? TCSTV’s Chris Niccolls took the Sony R1 out on the streets of New York City to find […] The post TheCameraStoreTV tests the Sony DSC-R1 from 2005 appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

Обзор системы вспышек Nissin Air

Мы расскажем вам о вспышках Nissin и системе Air. Из-за того, что бренд ориентирован на топовый сегмент новички зачастую упускают его из виду. Мы расскажем почему вам стоит познакомиться с ними поближе.

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Photo of Baby Elephant on Fire Wins Wildlife Photo Contest

A striking photo of a baby elephant on fire as it flees a mob of humans with its mother has won an international wildlife photo contest. The photo, titled “Hell is Here” and captured by photographer Biplab Hazra, was awarded the top prize in the Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2017. Hazra captured the photo in […]

Тестируем и сравниваем зеркальные камеры Nikon системы D

Какую зеркальную камеру Nikon выбрать? CHIP протестировал камеры системы D и предлагает вам ознакомиться с подробным сравнением всех зеркальных фотоаппаратов: от недорогих камер для начинающих до дорогих профессиональных.

Macphun Unveils Luminar 2018 to Take on Adobe Lightroom

California-based software developer Macphun (soon to be Skylum) has announced Luminar 2018, a digital photo editor and organizer that’s aiming to be a direct competitor to Adobe Lightroom. Unlike past versions of Macphun software, Luminar 2018 is available for both Mac and Windows users.

This Guy Ruins His Friends’ Instagram Food Photos

In the age of Instagram, snapping a photo of a picture-perfect meal before eating it has become something of a ritual (science also suggests it helps food taste better). But one guy has made it a ritual of his own to ruin his friends’ Instagram food photos and capture their horrified expressions. Kevin Freshwater posted […]

Photographer Recreating Instagram Photos from Around the World

Project ReCognition is a new project by LA-based Iranian photographer Reza Bahrami in which every photo is based on a picture that was found on Instagram. Bahrami and his wife first scoured Instagram for images, searching through over 5,000 public accounts before selecting roughly 100 photos for the project. The duo is now recreating and […]

Анонс Leica Q in Silver – Новый цвет для полнокадрового компакта

Компания Leica все трудится не покладая рук, выпуская для нас все больше новых и интересных камер. А хотя нет, подождите, это не про эту компанию.  Leica снова взяла свою камеру, выпущенную еще в 2015 году, и покрасила её в новый “уникальный” цвет.

Вчера была официально представлена новая камера Panasonic G9. Нам удалось одними из первых протестировать её, вы можете посмотреть первые впечатления и обзор новинки по ЭТОЙ ССЫЛКЕ. Предназначена G9 в первую очередь для фотографии, а в частности для съемки репортажей, спорта и дикой природы.

Тест и обзор фотокамеры Sony Alpha 7R III (a7RIII)

Допустим, с названием Sony Alpha 7R III во время практического тестирования мы могли бы поспорить. В хронологическом порядке сейчас следовало бы ожидать Alpha 7 без буквы R в обозначении. Но это не страшно, ведь и в предыдущей Sony Alpha 7R III модели есть кое-что, что напрашивалось на оптимизацию.

Sony A7R II vs Sony A7R III - Should You Upgrade?

The Sony a7RIII caught everyone off guard when it was launched in October, but now that it’s here, what does it mean for users of the previous version - the a7RII? Should they be reaching for the credit card to upgrade, or are a7RII users pretty much good with what they’ve got? Let’s find out.

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Affinity Photo 1.6 released: faster processing, new features, and free stuff

Serif has updated its image editing software Affinity Photo with ‘a huge performance boost’ to make it faster to use and more capable with large files. The step to v1. 6 also brings a new ‘light’ user interface option for those new to the program or those who don’t need the full range of features.

How to Shoot Double Exposure Concert Photography

I recently shot a series of double exposure photos of the band I Don’t Know How But They Found Me at The Knitting Factory, and they’ve received a great response. So, I thought it would be worth explaining how I took them! If you also have a Nikon D750 or similar Nikon camera, here’s how […]

Here’s the Best Way to Match Tones in Composite Photos

One of the most common difficulties with compositing photos is having the color tones of the different parts of the image match. This can be tricky to achieve, but this 10-minute tutorial by Photoshop expert Antti Karppinen shows a powerful way you can do it using a Selective Color adjustment mask. By putting a neutral gray layer […]

Обзор LG 27UD69-W – Самый доступный из красивых 27 4K IPS дисплеев

Практически в любой категории продуктов, будь то смартфон, ноутбук, или даже автомобиль, самые доступные модели выглядят очень просто, или, откровенно говоря, некрасиво. С дисплеями ситуация аналогичная – бюджетные модели в своей категории обычно скучные, унылые и не функциональные.