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Video: tips for black-and-white processing in Lightroom

This tutorial provides useful advice for getting the most out of Lightroom when it comes to converting images to grayscale and making edits. The narrator notes that it is OK to push sliders way more than you might be use to when editing color images, which is definitely important to remember! He also offers quality advice on using the color sliders to improve the tonality of b/w images. dpreview.com

2017-6-10 10:01

Tips For Using Adapted Glass On Fujifilm X-Series Cameras

One of the big draws to any mirrorless system is the ability to use old adapted glass as a way to both save money and introduce some creative imperfection into your images. Fujifilms X-Series cameras come with the styling of older vintage cameras, and as such many old manual focus film lenses actually look right at home on camera like the X-Pro 2 or X-T20. thephoblographer.com

2017-5-16 07:00