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Мастер-класс: Артём Виндриевский. Съемка love story на Nikon D850

Лучший свадебный фотограф 2015 года по версии журнала Wedding Russia Артем Виндриевский на примере фотосессии в арт-парке Никола Ленивец рассказывает, как камера Nikon D850 помогает ему снимать love story. prophotos.ru »

2018-7-30 10:05

We Love Horses

During our visit to Iceland we had the opportunity to engage and photograph lots of majestic horses. Their gentle nature, along with wonderful colors made the photoshoots an enjoyable experience. We hope you love horses as well, here are a few samples of our work. boredpanda.com »

2018-6-9 10:32

For the Love of Film

Just another article about film photography? Well yes, but bear with me and hopefully you’ll see why film really does still have a place in my heart and might have a place in yours too… even when digital is such excellent quality and so convenient. petapixel.com »

2018-1-6 20:42