Canon launches ',' a new cloud platform for managing and sharing images

Canon launches ',' a new cloud platform for managing and sharing images

Canon has launched a new cloud-based image platform designed for use by select Canon device owners. With the new image. canon service, photographers can have images automatically forwarded from their camera to their computer, mobile device and supported third-party services like Google Drive.

The service is free to use and stores images on Canon's own server.

Put simply, image. canon allows some Canon camera and SELPHY printer owners to register a Canon ID and then use the service to wirelessly transfer images from their supported device to Canon's cloud platform. From there, the images can then be forwarded to third-party services, a computer and mobile devices.

The platform supports all of the image formats offered by compatible Canon cameras; users can connect an unlimited number of cameras to the service. Likewise, Canon doesn't have any restrictions on image size or the number of images that can be transferred, though the company says there may be instances where uploads are restricted for 'operational reasons. '

Image. canon stores the uploaded original images for 30 days, after which they will be deleted from the server. Thumbnails of the images will remain and only be deleted if the user doesn't use the service for an entire year. The company also offers users 10GB for long-term image storage beyond 30 days. Support for forwarding images to Adobe Creative Cloud and Google Photos won't arrive until later this summer.

Canon's new cloud service will officially launch in April 2020.


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2020-2-14 23:24

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