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Open source Lightroom plugin Focus Point Viewer highlights active focus points

Joshua Musselwhite, an underwater photographer and software developer, has launched a free, open source Adobe Lightroom plugin called Focus Point Viewer. With this plugin, Lightroom users can view the active focus point of their photos, a feature similar to the one offered by now-defunct plugin Show Focus Points.

Just a Reminder: Sign Up For Two Workshops Next Weekend

Just a quick reminder folks: We’re teaching a Street Photography Workshop in Los Angeles January 14-15th. You can sign up here. We’re also teaching a workshop on how to use Fujifilm Instax Wide film in the studio on January 15th in NYC.

Чем порадует Nikon?

На выставке CES 2017 компания Nikon показала уже знакомую многим камеру D5600. В ноябре 2016 года зеркалка была представлена по всему миру и только сейчас она добралась до США. Новинка не многим отличается от предыдущей модели.

50 лучших свадебных фотографий года по версии Junebug Weddings

Почти 9000 снимков от свадебных фотографов из 50 стран поступили на рассмотрение жюри ежегодного конкурса «Лучшее свадебное фото», организованного изданием Junebug Weddings. Судьи признались, что выбирать было непросто, но они определили 50 лучших свадебных фотографий 2016 года.

4PM EST Today: Street Photography Tips Live on Facebook

At 4pm EST today, I'll be going Live on our Facebook page giving everyone five tips on how to shoot better street photographs. This short event is being done complementary to our upcoming two day intensive LA Street Photography workshop--and tickets are still available.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH5 представлена официально

Компания Panasonic официально представила нового флагмана - Lumix DMC-GH5. Основой камеры системы Micro Four Thirds служит датчик изображения разрешением 20,3 Мп. Камера оснащена электронным видоискателем разрешением 3,68 млн точек и сенсорным 3,2" дисплеем разрешением 1,62 млн точек.

First Impressions: Canon G9x Mk II

Canon’s Powershot series of point and shoots have typically always been king, and despite the fact that I’ve personally really warmed up to Ricoh, Fujifilm, and Sony, the new Canon G9X Mk II seems very tempting.

Новая 360-градусная камер Ricoh

Ricoh уже представляла несколько поколений камер с возможностью съёмки 360-градусного видео. Новая камера называется Ricoh R. Она позволяет выполнять потоковое вещание. Новинка выглядит гораздо более прочной, чем Theta S и дешевле, чем SC, которые были анонсированы в прошлом.

Ep. 139: If You’re Going to Expose a Photographer… – and more

Episode 139 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast. Download MP3 –  Subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, email or RSS! Featured: Entertainment and celebrity photographer Noam Galai In This Episode If you subscribe to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast in iTunes, please take a moment to rate and review us and help us move up in the rankings so others interested in […]

DJI's special Chinese New Year edition Phantom 4 celebrates the Year of the Rooster

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_0261901675","galleryId":"0261901675","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"standalone":false,"selectedImageIndex":0,"startInCommentsView":false,"isMobile":false}) }); DJI is celebrating the Chinese New Year with a brightly colored, special edition Phantom 4.

How You Can Use Color To Enhance Your Storytelling

Beyond adjusting your White Balance or picking a color preset, have you ever stopped to think much about the color in your imagery and how that color is affecting the viewer of the image? It is easy to overlooks such things as you are growing into your own as a photographer, but how you use color in your imagery can have a profound impact on how it is perceived.

Защищенная Fujifilm FinePix XP120 дебютирует на CES 2017

Релиз от Fujifilm на CES 2017: представлена защищенная компактная камера FinePix XP120, которая оснащена 1/2. 3" датчиком 16. 4MП BSI-CMOS и объективом FUJINON с ЭФР 28-140mm. Новинка является водонепроницаемой до глубины 20 м, ударопрочной при падении с высоты до 1.

Rugged Fujifilm XP120 arrives just in time for winter

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_9616569688","galleryId":"9616569688","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"standalone":false,"selectedImageIndex":0,"startInCommentsView":false,"isMobile":false}) }); It's snowy season here in the Northern Hemisphere, so Fujifilm's release of its XP120 is well-timed.

Fujifilm unveils 'Graphite' X-Pro2 and X-T2

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_1338003326","galleryId":"1338003326","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"standalone":false,"selectedImageIndex":0,"startInCommentsView":false,"isMobile":false}) }); As it did with the X-T1, Fujifilm is now offering new 'graphite' colors for the X-Pro2 and X-T2, produced using a multilayered coating.

Sony CES press conference

You can watch the Sony CES video streaming here: http://www. ustream. tv/sony. UPDATE: The press conference is over and as expected no new camera and lens got announced! As reported by our sources expect some new OLED TV,  CLEDIS prototypes screens and audio stuff.

First Impressions: Panasonic GH5

For CES 2017, Panasonic is reannouncing the Panasonic GH5 camera--the company's flagship that has been mostly targeted at the videographer for many years now. With their newest addition to the lineup, the company is trying to make an even bigger splash.

Panasonic's flagship Lumix DMC-GH5 officially launched, hits store shelves in March

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_0287419110","galleryId":"0287419110","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"standalone":false,"selectedImageIndex":0,"startInCommentsView":false,"isMobile":false}) }); Panasonic teased the photography world with information about its flagship Micro Four Thirds ILC, the Lumix DMC-GH5, at Photokina 2016.

Bringing tiny back: Panasonic announces ultra-small mirrorless Lumix DMC-GX850/GX800/GF9

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_6643900281","galleryId":"6643900281","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"standalone":false,"selectedImageIndex":0,"startInCommentsView":false,"isMobile":false}) }); For a while, it appeared as if Panasonic's beloved 'GM' series of ultra-compact Micro Four Thirds cameras were gone forever.

Panasonic updates four lenses, improving autofocus and image stabilization

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_7695253893","galleryId":"7695253893","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"standalone":false,"selectedImageIndex":0,"startInCommentsView":false,"isMobile":false}) }); Panasonic has renewed four LUMIX G lenses to have full compatibility with their current camera lineup.

Movie Maven: Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 First Impressions Review

The Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 is the fifth in the company's industry-changing video and stills 'hybrid' lineup. With its 20MP Four Thirds sensor and deep video-centric feature set, it looks likely to pick up where the GH4 left off as a favorite of indie filmmakers and photographers whose interests venture into the realm of motion picture work.

Panasonic offers 12-60mm, first of Leica DG F2.8-4 series

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_8971529300","galleryId":"8971529300","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"standalone":false,"selectedImageIndex":0,"startInCommentsView":false,"isMobile":false}) }); The Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 12-60mm F2.

Panasonic's flagship Lumix DC-GH5 officially launched, hits store shelves in March

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_0287419110","galleryId":"0287419110","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"standalone":false,"selectedImageIndex":0,"startInCommentsView":false,"isMobile":false}) }); Panasonic teased the photography world with information about its flagship Micro Four Thirds ILC, the Lumix DC-GH5, at Photokina 2016.

Preorder: Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II & More

You can now preorder the new Canon gear that was officially announced today. Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II Black: Adorama | Amazon | B&H Photo Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II Silver: Adorama | Amazon | B&H Photo Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Video Creator: Adorama | Amazon | B&H Photo Canon VIXIA HF R800: Read more...

Nikon Officially Unveils New D5600 In US

Nikon officially unveiled the D5600 in other parts of the world already, but today the company made the new upper entry level D5600 DSLR official here in the US. The new camera brings the latest Nikon technologies like Snapbridge and pairs it with a very capable 24MP sensor to make a great entry level camera for US photographers.

Inexpensive Nikon Coolpix A300 and W100 now available in US

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_4848420406","galleryId":"4848420406","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"standalone":false,"selectedImageIndex":0,"startInCommentsView":false,"isMobile":false}) }); After being offered for months elsewhere in the world, two new inexpensive Nikon compacts are coming to US shores.

Nikon brings its D5600 DSLR to the US

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_5883354817","galleryId":"5883354817","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"standalone":false,"selectedImageIndex":0,"startInCommentsView":false,"isMobile":false}) }); Nikon's D5600 digital SLR, announced globally in November of last year, is now coming to the US.

«Объединённая приборостроительная корпорация» сообщила о разработке системы видеоконтроля для использования в наземном общественном транспорте

Комплекс полагается на четыре видеокамеры. Специализированное программное обеспечение соединяет видеоряд, формируя панорамное изображение с углом обзора более 270 градусов. Система регистрирует обстановку внутри и снаружи транспортного средства, распознаёт лица пассажиров, ведёт подсчёт пассажиропотока в салоне, а также транслирует видеоинформацию в режиме реального времени в центр управления.

Компания YI Technology приурочит к выставке CES 2017 анонс двух любопытных новинок

Компактная камера YI 4K+ будет представлять собой улучшенную версию модели 4К. Новинка сможет осуществлять запись видеоматериалов ультравысокого разрешения (4K) со скоростью 60 кадров в секунду. Таким образом, спортсмены и экстремалы смогут снимать свои достижения в ещё более высоком качестве.

LaCie And Seagate Team Up On New USB-C And Thunderbolt-3 Products

LaCie has long been a popular brand among photographers for their rugged external hard drives capable of taking a beating while protecting our data out in the field. CES is this week and like many tech companies LaCie has some new announcements, along with a new partner, so lets get into the news.

I Was Asked To Do An Infant Photo Session In The Forest And The Results Are Adorable

I'll admit that I'm always nerves doing infant photo sessions, there are so many things that can go wrong, and infants are 100% unpredictable, so when I was asked to do an infant photo session in the forest, a 1/2 mile hike, I was darn right terrified! To my amazement everything went perfectly, the little guy loved looking up at all of the trees and never once even whimpered, in fact, it was my easiest infant session to date!

$600 off on reconditioned A7rII (with 1 year warranty)

You save $600 on the reconditioned A7rII sold by BuyDig (Click here). It’s covered by a 1 year seller warranty too. Reminder: The big savings (Up to $350 off and up to $500 free gift card) are ending soon at BHphoto (Click here to see the full list).

The Ricoh R Can Live Stream 360 Video For 24 Hours

It's CES 2017 and you know what that means... a lot of announcements and a lot of new tech. Ricoh is not being left behind either, today announcing their new Ricoh R, a camera that Ricoh is claiming to be the first 360 camera capable of up to 24 hours of live streaming.

Enlaps Tikee time-lapse camera packs two lenses and a solar panel

Tikee by French company Enlaps aims to simplify time-lapse photography by combining a 4. 5W solar panel, wireless connectivity and a pair of lenses into a single capture device. The device itself is described as completely self-sufficient, weatherproof and accessible via a Web application.

Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom features dual-cam with 2.3x zoom

Last year's Asus Zenfone Zoom was one of very few smartphones to feature a conventional style 3x zoom lens. The downside to that was a slightly thicker than usual device and at F4. 8 a very slow aperture at the tele end, for smartphone standards.

Pulse: A 4K Storm Time-Lapse Film in Black and White

Storm chasing photographer Mike Olbinski is known for his gorgeous time-lapse films of thunderstorms, tornadoes, and monsoons. His latest project, however, was a bit different from the rest: it’s one of the first storm time-lapse films to be entirely black and white.

Review: Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II USM

The-Digital-Picture has completed their review of the Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5. 6 IS II USM lens. From TDP: The technology upgrades appearing in this lens make it potentially a better choice than even some higher-priced lenses for at least some applications including video.

[видео] Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 – Впечатления от анонса и разбор характеристик [CES 2017]

Вы уже могли вчера прочитать новость про Panasonic GH5. В этом видео я поделюсь своими впечатлениям от анонса уже “на холодную голову”. Часть характеристик пришлось доставать напрямую от представительства Panasonic Украина, так информация в сети в разных источниках противоречит друг другу.

DJI Has Acquired Hasselblad: Report

Back in November 2015, the Chinese camera drone company DJI announced that it had acquired a minority stake in the legendary Swedish camera brand Hasselblad. The following July, the two companies teamed up to launch a monster $4,599 medium format drone.

Боги: как смакуют жизнь стриптизёрши и представители уличной культуры американского Юга

Для работы над фотопроектом «Боги» лондонский фотограф Ивар Уиган погрузился в уличную культуру американского Юга, которую зачастую демонизируют в средствах массовой информации.

The Polaroid Pop Spits Out 3.5 x 4.25 zInk Photo Prints

At CES 2017, Polaroid is building on the success of their zInk products and giving the masses something just a tad larger. the Polaroid Pop is going to be printing out 3. 5 x 4. 25 images using the 20MP CMOS sensor at the heart the camera and then printing the photos.

The Polaroid Pop instant digital camera produces 3 x 4" prints

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_7138693871","galleryId":"7138693871","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"standalone":false,"selectedImageIndex":0,"startInCommentsView":false,"isMobile":false}) }); Meet the Polaroid Pop, a new instant camera that produces classic Polaroid-sized 3 x 4" prints.

New Panasonic GH5 puts high pressure on the future A6700 and A7sIIII

Panasonic announced the new GH5 camera (specs here). And in many areas it marks a new pinnacle in the “hybrid mirrorless” segment. It’s good to see Panasonic bringing such an advanced model as I hope Sony will soon answer with a new A7s mark III that can match or beat some of its features.

Canon EOS System Celebrates 30th Anniversary

TOKYO, January 5, 2017—Canon Inc. will celebrate in March the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Company’s EOS System, which includes EOS-series interchangeable-lens cameras and a diverse range of system accessories, beginning with interchangeable EF lenses.

Review: Epson SureColor P800 Printer

For quite a while now, I've been sold on Canon's Prograf 1000 printer; but then I finally had the chance to play with Epson's P800. I previously reviewed the Epson P600, which I felt did a pretty good job overall.

Throwback Thursday: the Samsung i70, a portable media player

CES 2007 was much like the CES' of its day: plenty of compact cameras were announced, Wi-Fi photo frames were all the rage and memory cards grew faster with higher capacities (Class 6 cards of 16GB were on the way!) Digital technologies also continued to converge, as evidenced by a camera Samsung announced that year: the i70.

Новый флагман Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5

Panasonic долгое время дразнили фотографов информацией о своём новом флагмане с датчиком Micro Four Thirds. Lumix DC-GH5 был представлен на выставке CES 2017 года. В ядре GH5 сосредоточен Live MOS датчик изображения с разрешением 20.

Лучшее новости

Panasonic LUMIX GX800

The Panasonic LUMIX GX800 is the ultimate high performance compact mirrorless camera, offering newly integrated 4K PHOTO and 4K Video all in a sleek, stylish compact body. Read more and comment »

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ80 / FZ82 с 60x зумом и 4K видео

Panasonic анонсировала суперзум Lumix DMC-FZ80 (FZ82 на некоторых рынках), который является обновленной версией модели FZ70. Он имеет тот же объектив 20-1200mm объектив F2. 8-5. 9, но получил датчик 18MП и обновленный процессор, в результате чего в спецификациях появилось видео 4K / 30p (длительностью до 15 минут).

Fujifilm XP120

The Fujifilm XP120 is a tough camera with a 16.4 megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor and a large 3.0-inch LCD monitor in a compact body weighing just 203g. Read more and comment »

How to Combine Flash and Ambient Light for Better Outdoor Portraits

Moving from using only natural light to flash photography is a big step for an outdoor photographer, but before you ditch ambient light entirely, give this video a look. As photographer Francisco Hernandez explains, you’ll often get more pleasing results by pulling some ambient light back in. Now, it’s important to note that terms like […]

Dad Shoots One Photo of His Baby and Beagle Every Month for Two Years

Ever since his son, Stan, was born two years ago, British army photographer Timothy Jones has shot one portrait every month of Stan sitting with Jones’ 6-year-old Beagle named Jasper. The resulting series of 24 photos shows Stan growing from a newborn into a toddler with his canine friend by his side. 0 Months 1 […]

Анонс Panasonic GH5 – 4К 60 fps 400 Mbps, 1080p 180 fps без кропа и с 5-осевой матричной стабилизацией. “Потому что мы можем, а вы – нет.” [CES 2017]

Компания Panasonic официально представила беззеркальную камеру Panasonic Lumix GH5. Напомню, что ее прототип они привозили еще на выставку Photokina 2016.  Подробнее об этом вы можете посмотреть, перейдя по ссылке.

Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 представлена официально

Компания Panasonic официально представила нового флагмана - Lumix DC-GH5. Основой камеры системы Micro Four Thirds служит датчик изображения разрешением 20,3 Мп. Камера оснащена электронным видоискателем разрешением 3,68 млн точек и сенсорным 3,2" дисплеем разрешением 1,62 млн точек.

Top 50 Wedding Photos Of 2016

Nearly 9,000 images were submitted to Junebug Weddings 2016 Best of the Best Wedding Photo Contest from photographers in 50 different countries. Here's a look at the top 50 winners!

CES 2017: Hands-on with Nikon D5600

CES 2017: Hands-on with Nikon D5600 The D5600 was originally announced in Europe and Asia late last year, but now - surprise surprise - it's coming to the USA. The D5600 sports a slimmed-down body compared to the D5500.

Using Humidification and Electrostatic Force in Digitizing Old Newspapers

Often when scoping out digitization projects, devising complementary conservation treatments that assist in digital photo capture are challenging aspects of overall workflow design. And so it has been the case with our recent efforts at UConn Library on a set of 19th century Latin American newspapers from the University’s archives and special collections. Over time […]

CES 2017: Прочная камера Fujifilm FinePix XP120 выдержит погружение на 20 метров

На выставке CES 2017, которая проходит с 5 по 8 января в Лас-Вегасе, компания Fujifilm представила компактную камеру FinePix XP120, ориентированную на любителей активного образа жизни. Камера отвечает требованиям стандарта IP68 по защите от воды и пыли, ее можно погружать на глубину до 20 м.

Анонс Fujifilm X-Pro2 “Graphite” и Fujifilm X-T2 “Graphite silver” – Новые цвета корпуса для топовых камер [CES 2017]

Еще одна компания, которая привезла новинки на выставку CES 2017 стала компания Fujifilm. Хотя новинками эти камеры сложно назвать. Были представлены фотоаппараты Fujifilm X-Pro2 и Fujifilm X-T2 только в новых цветах корпуса.

Актуальное новости

Новый цвет Fujifilm X-Pro2 и X-T2

Fujifilm продолжает историю X-T1. Компания выпускает в графитовом цвете камеры X-Pro2 и X-T2. Графитовый X-Pro2 будет поставляться в комплекте с объективом XF23mm F/2 R WR и блендой. X-T2 представлен в немного более серебристом цвете и имеет название графитовое серебро.

Анонс Panasonic GH5 – 4К 60fps 400 Mbps и 1080 180 fps без кропа и с 5-осевой матричной стабилизацией. “Потому что мы можем, а вы – нет.” [CES 2017]

Компания Panasonic официально представила беззеркальную камеру Panasonic GH5. Напомню что прототип этой камеры они привозили еще на выставку Photokina 2016, подробнее об этом вы можете посмотреть, перейдя по этой ссылке.

Анонс компактной беззеркалки Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX850 / GX800 / GF9

Panasonic расширила линейку ультра-компактных Micro Four Thirds камер, представив Lumix DMC-GX850 (GX800 или GF9 на некоторых рынках). Камера получила 16MП датчик без фильтра нижних частот, процессор Venus Engine и может снимать 4K UHD видео.

Panasonic обновила четыре объектива LUMIX G

Panasonic обновила четыре объектива LUMIX G, получившие обновленную версию системы стабилизации OIS, которая работает с 5-осевой системой DUAL IS и Dual IS2.Все линзы получить новый дизайн и новую диафрагму для более плавного автоматического изменения экспозиции.

Nikon at CES 2017

At the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nikon are exhibiting their latest products including the Nikon D5600 digital SLR and the KeyMission line of action cameras. Read more and comment »

Fujifilm начала продажи X-T2 и X-Pro2 Graphite Silver

Корпорация Fujifilm представила системные фотокамеры Fujifilm X-T2 и X-Pro2 в графитовом исполнении отделки корпуса. Спецификации самих фотоаппаратов при этом не претерпели изменений. Камеры Graphite Silver доступны для предварительного заказа по цене $1,799.