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Kodak Ektachrome E100 film will be available in 120, 4x5 formats 'within the next 10 days'

Kodak Alaris has announced that its Ektachrome E100 film stock will be released in 120 and 4x5 sheet film packs ‘within the next ten days. ’ In a tweet shared earlier this morning on the Kodak Professional account, Kodak Alaris confirmed new 5-roll 120 'propacks' and 10-sheet 4x5 boxes will be available to order worldwide within the next ten days. dpreview.com »

2019-12-10 17:24

[Guide to metadata optimization] Taking your keywords to the next level: From literal to conceptual

With a bit of creativity, photographers can generate thoughtful and keyword-rich titles, alternative text, and captions that will provide an edge in search engine results. The post [Guide to metadata optimization] Taking your keywords to the next level: From literal to conceptual appeared first on 500px Blog. iso.500px.com »

2019-10-11 14:30

HUAWEI подвела итоги третьего международного конкурса фотографий NEXT IMAGE

Компания HUAWEI объявила лауреатов международного конкурса мобильной фотографии HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE, который проводится третий год подряд. В 2019 году на конкурс, который начался в марте, было прислано более 520 000 фотографий из 150 стран, что на 30% больше, чем в прошлом году. photar.ru »

2019-9-7 21:23

В России показали новейший бронеавтомобиль «Тигр Next»

На международном военно-техническом форуме «Армия» показали внешний вид новейшего бронированного автомобиля «Тигр Next» (АМН-2). Правда, не целиком. ferra.ru »

2019-6-16 12:51

Does Canon’s Next Mirrorless Camera Need to be a 70MP Monster?

As the Mirrorless race heats up, more and more reports are hitting the circuit in regards to what road Canon may take in regards to their next Mirrorless camera. We have already seen a mid-tier Mirrorless camera in the EOS R, and we now have the entry level EOS RP as well, so where does Canon go next? If reports are to be believed they will try to win users over with a 70MP monster. Join after the break to find out more. thephoblographer.com »

2019-3-16 19:00

Next Sony product announcement on April 7. New 8K codec presentation…and some “hints” about the next generation A7sIII?

On April 7 at 2pm Las Vegas time Sony will have a new press conference with product announcements. From what I heard the A7sIII is not going to be on market any time soon. At best by late 2019. But I don’t know if Sony will still show some early prototype at the NAB show […] The post Next Sony product announcement on April 7. sonyalpharumors.com »

2019-3-13 17:24