Cheap Photo: The Ultimate Guide To Black and White Photography, Now $200 Off

In this day and age color reigns supreme and black and white photography is often an afterthought to many photographers. But there is something about the medium, a complicated nuance that is easy to overlook due to the perceived simplicity of the medium.

But if you have ever tried to really work in black and white, not just applying presets without much thought, then you know how powerful black and white can be if you take the time to master it. .

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2018-3-20 01:00

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The Black And White Of Cats

Hi everyone! I have been doing photography for years and never posted anything online. Up until now. I have many different projects, "The white of nature" and "The shine of a smile" coming soon :) Hopefully you enjoy my work! Please don't judge me too harshly :) This is my first post on boredpanda :) no photoshop btw :)

2018-02-16 23:09