Nikon Has TWO Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras On the Way: Report

Nikon Has TWO Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras On the Way: Report

Nikon reportedly has not one, but two full-frame mirrorless cameras on the way, and a first full set of rumored specs has appeared. Nikon Rumors is hearing that the two different mirrorless cameras will offer different sensor resolutions: one reportedly features 24 to 25 megapixels and the other shoots around 45 to 48 megapixels. Sony, […]

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2018-7-6 18:11

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Why 2018 is The Year of the Mirrorless Camera

Its already April and, though a flurry of new cameras have been released since the start of the year, there doesnt appear to be one DSLR that has raised pulses for photographers. However, take that reflex mirror away and the story switches, with launches of mirrorless cameras like the Sony a7III, Canon M50 and Panasonic GX9 all filling the news pages with hype and anticipation.

2018-04-18 03:00


Manager says Canon is willing to cannibalize DSLR sales with mirrorless cameras

Scroll through your photo news feeds this morning, and you'll get a lot of "Canon manager confirms: Canon is shifting focus from SLRs to mirrorless" type headlines. But you may want to wait before you grab your hammer and smash that piggy bank in anticipation of new high-end mirrorless option from Canon, because the 'manager' in question confirmed no such thing.

2018-03-05 19:27