How to Make Your Portrait Subjects 100% Comfortable with You

Today’s letter is all about how to work with a portrait subject. Hey Mike, Do you have any advice for making non-models comfortable in front of the camera? I always have trouble getting people to relax.

-Kevin Hi Kevin, Thank you for the question. Lets start from a nervous subjects point of view. What could.

how make your portrait subjects 100 comfortable

2019-8-12 13:00

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How to Make a Camera Lens Lamp

After Canon handed out camera lens mugs at the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010, novelty lens look-alike mugs and cups have flooded the market. If you’ve received one or more of them as gifts, one thing you can do is turn them into camera lens desk lamps. Filmmaker and freelance media producer Dave Knop of […]

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How to Make a Pro Photo Portfolio

Thinking of putting together a professional photo portfolio as a high-impact way of sharing your work with potential clients? Check out this informative and inspiring 5-minute video by photographer Caleb Kerr, who recently built a portfolio of his own and put together a helpful walkthrough for anyone interested in doing the same. “Having a beautiful […]

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