Photography Cheat Sheet: How to Become a Professional Photographer

Ever thought about making photography your bread and butter but don’t know where to start? Today’s in-depth photography cheat sheet should help! While photography is mostly a hobby for a lot of us, we’re sure there comes the point when some of us will feel like trying to make a living out of it. If

photography cheat sheet how become professional photographer

2019-10-1 07:00

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Light Fall Off Visual Guide

Not so long ago, we shared a simple illustration of how the Inverse Square Law works and how it affects the way your subjects or scenes are lit. If you found it useful for understanding the technicalities of the relationship between distance and the brightness of light, we have yet another visual guide for you. This time, it shows us the law at work in the studio!

2020-04-02 10:00

Photography Cheat Sheet: Avoiding Common Lens Filter Issues

Some of us may already know how useful lens filters can be in getting us closer to our desired results. But, as with many things, we may sometimes get into a bit of a pickle with these accessories. If that has happened to you and have been scratching your head figuring out a solution, we bring some troubleshooting tips from yet another photography cheat sheet from Digital Camera World.

2020-02-18 11:00

Photography Cheat Sheet: Camera Settings for Indoor Still-Life

Many photographers either begin their photography journey by practicing still life photography or dabble with it later on in their craft as the need arises. Whichever is the case for you, todays featured photography cheat sheet comes with suggested camera settings and some extra tips to help you get the best results when shooting still life photography indoors.

2020-02-08 14:00

Photography Cheat Sheet: Old School Instagram Filters

Instagram may be the biggest thing to hit the online world in recent decades, but the visual aesthetics that catapulted it to popularity were largely borrowed from the glory days of film. In fact, without these retro vibes and nostalgic feels, it probably wouldn't have enjoyed the phenomenal success and influence we see to this day.

2020-01-28 11:00

Photography Cheat Sheet: The Best Camera Settings for Studio Portraits

Studio portraiture is particularly interesting for many budding portrait photographers because of the level of control they can have over their final image. You can always set up your light the way you want, experiment with different lighting techniques, play with backdrops, and use any equipment that you feel is necessary to the results you want to achieve.

2019-12-09 11:00

Photography Cheat Sheet: Shooting During a Zombie Apocalypse (Fun!)

The folks of Brooklyn-based photo imaging retailer Focus Camera came up with an interesting scenario for an infographic: what would it be like for photographers to continue shooting during a zombie apocalypse? What would they need? The result is a photography cheat sheet aptly titled, Framing The End Of The World: How to Take Photos of a Zombie Apocalypse and Live to Tell About It.

2019-11-04 11:00

Photography Cheat Sheet: Explaining Camera Exposure to a Dummy

Mastering camera controls can be intimidating for beginners, especially for those who are upgrading from a smartphone camera. But, it doesn't have to stay that way. Today's photography cheat sheet will certainly help anyone who wants to have a better understanding of the three basic camera settings: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

2019-10-16 10:00