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Apple patent application details tech to improve mobile underwater photography

Underwater photographers and cameras have to deal with less than ideal conditions. Light levels are low, water can be murky and add color casts to your images. Underwater modes on rugged cameras and (waterproof) smartphones are not new but now a patent application filed by Apple suggests mobile users could soon benefit from a more sophisticated version and achieve better underwater imaging results in the future if the system is ever implemented. dpreview.com

2019-3-29 23:48

MIOPS Splash is a Water Drop Kit for Perfect Splash Photos

Camera trigger manufacturer MIOPS has announced the new MIOPS Splash, a water drop kit that helps photographers consistently capture picture-perfect splash photos. The MIOPS Splash is a tiny standalone device that can be controlled using a smartphone, and you won’t need any additional camera triggers to get started with this genre of photography. All settings […] petapixel.com

2018-4-2 21:15

Here Are Three Practical Lighting Set-ups For Impressive Table Top Shots

Cinematographer Matthew Rosen has revealed three new tricks for shooting table top effects in a recent commercial that makes use of only practical effects. Shooting with a high speed camera, Rosen comments that he was able to bypass annoying camera flicker woes by using a D/C battery to light the shot instead and avoid common cycling issues presented by an A/C battery. digitalrev.com

2016-12-16 03:00