Here Are the First Nikon D850 Sample Photos Shot at ISO 25600

Here Are the First Nikon D850 Sample Photos Shot at ISO 25600

Nikon has been promising huge things for shooting the new D850 at high ISOs. If you’d like to see how the camera performs at the limit of its native range (ISO 25600), we’ve got our hands on some first real-world sample photos.

Dutch photographer Niels de Vries attended a Nikon event in Holland, where he […].

here are first nikon d850 sample photos

2017-8-30 21:36

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Here are Some of the Biggest Newsmakers of Photokina 2018

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Here Are 400MP Photos Shot Using Hasselblads $48,000 Camera

Hasselblad has just released a set of 400-megapixel photos captured using the new $48,000 H6D-400c Multi Shot medium format DSLR, which was announced back in January. The company decided to point the digital monster at one of the few remaining Ross HK-7 aerial cameras, which was one of Hasselblad’s earliest creations. Here’s the backstory, as […]

2018-05-31 22:14

Here are the Results From Our Poll Regarding Camera Innovation Perception at Canon

Last week we posted a bit of an opinion piecebased off an article at Fstoppers about perceived innovation at Canon when it comes to camera design and development. We took an unscientific poll to see what our readers thought about Canon’s place in the market, and these are the results This being an enthusiasts site, Read more...

2018-02-19 17:50