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Unfiltered Advice: What is ‘Work that Matters’ and How Do You Create It?

In something of a followup to his explosive video “Nobody Cares About Your Photography,” the always inspirational Ted Forbes is tackling a question that we’ve all probably asked: What is “work that matters” and how do you make sure your photography measures up? The question is so multi-faceted that, as Forbes admits at the very […] petapixel.com »

2017-1-17 19:40

Xpert Advice: Less is More – Using Color Effectively in Portraits

If you look at the work of some of the master portrait photographers, you'll notice that much of their work tries to keep the use of color very minimal. Why? Portraiture is a type of photography that involves putting an emphasis on a person or thing and when the colors in the scene are very complicated, the scene can be distracting to the viewer. thephoblographer.com »

2016-9-28 13:02